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Mind IT® Celebrates a Groundbreaking CXO Event Uniting the AI Industry and Showcasing Unparalleled Thought Leadership

New Delhi, July 10, 2024: Mind IT® concluded its landmark AI CXO event, Mirai™ 24, on July 5, 2024, at The Lalit, Central Delhi. This exclusive CXO conclave brought together over 250 leaders, primarily from North India, establishing itself as a pivotal platform for AI innovation and collaboration.

Keynote Highlights The event began with an inspiring keynote by Shailendra Gupta and Vikas Garg, Co-Founders of Mind IT®. Their vision for AI innovation emphasized the technology’s potential to address global challenges and foster community collaboration through events, working groups, and strategic retreats.

Speakers and Presentations Rajiv Sikka, Group CIO at Medanta, highlighted AI’s role in identifying TB in remote areas and aiding radiologists, sparking a lively Q&A session on grassroots innovation. Krishnamurthy Rajesh, IT Director at Greyorange, discussed the challenges of deploying AI in areas with limited connectivity and emphasized the need for space solutions to ensure AI’s future success. Raminder Singh Bedi, Group VP of Engineering at Publicis Sapient, captivated the audience with his insights into the future of computer vision, resonating with both business owners and industry professionals.

Addresses for Services Industry Manoj Jain, Senior Director of R&D at Axtria, provided insights into AI’s impact on quality and testing, sharing tools that have enhanced his team’s performance and agility. Sarita Singh, GM Tech at Commonwealth Bank, addressed the challenges in the fintech industry, focusing on AI’s role in tackling fraud.

Policymakers and Government Insights Ram Chandra Yemal from the Abu Dhabi Government discussed global government adaptations to AI, emphasizing the significance of public-private collaboration. Rajneesh Kumar, COO of NeGD, Digital India, shared insights on innovative policymaking, highlighting the Indian government’s successful implementation of AI in large-scale systems.

Panel Discussions A panel hosted by Saurabh Ganeriwala, CBO of Mynd Solutions, featured participants from the government, private sector, academia, and AI experts. The discussion covered AI usage, biases, cybersecurity, IT requirements, and startup opportunities, with highlights from Rakesh Viz, CEO of Truminds, Harneet Singh, MD of Techcurators, Rajneesh Kumar, and Raminder Bedi.

Interactive Sessions and Networking Kanicka Gupta, Co-founder of Mind IT®, engaged the audience in working groups focused on Market Disruption, Investment Validation, Ecosystem Relationships, Accountability and Trust, and Innovation and Growth. These groups aim to build a global network poised to become an authority on AI innovations. Networking sessions allowed attendees to connect, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships, underscoring the Mirai™ 24 success.

Organizer’s Remarks Shailendra Gupta, CEO of Mind IT®, expressed his gratitude to all speakers, sponsors, and attendees. “Mirai™ 24 has been a remarkable journey. The engagement and enthusiasm witnessed are truly inspiring. We intend to continue this tradition of excellence and innovation in future editions.”

Looking Ahead The success of Mirai™ 24 sets a promising precedent for future events organized by Mind IT®. Committed to driving progress through innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, Mind IT® aims to bring together the best minds in the industry to drive improvement and excellence.

About Mind IT® Mind IT® stands at the forefront of IT innovation, specializing in transformative digital solutions, AI, and Innovation. Recognized with Clutch Champions 2024 and Global Leader Fall 2023, Mind IT® continues to lead the industry with unparalleled expertise and a customer-centric approach.

For more information about Mind IT® and future events, visit Mind IT®.

Mind IT® remains committed to driving technological innovation and fostering collaboration in the tech industry. Watch out for upcoming events and initiatives that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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