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Dr. Neema Tiwari: A Pioneering Pathologist and Prolific Author.

Dr. Neema Tiwari, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at the Post Graduate Institute of Child Health in Noida, is achieving important advancements in the medical field. Dr. Neema Tiwari has become a specialist in pathology, focusing on hematological malignancies, thanks to her outstanding qualifications and vast professional background. Currently, she holds the position of International Ambassador for the College of American Pathologists in India and is an alumnus of the renowned Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York.

Dr. Neema Tiwari’s book, “Analysis of Various Patterns of Leukemias in the Indian Population,” co-authored with Sunita Tiwari, is an innovative study that delves into the different forms of blood cancers found in the Indian population. The in-depth manual, released by Lambert Publications, is currently accessible on top online platforms like Amazon, where it has been hailed as one of the top books of 2023.

She has authored multiple books in hematology and her books are an important resource for medical students, postgraduates, and professionals in pathology, hematology, oncology, medicine, and pediatrics. They present a brief, to-the-point explanation of hematological diseases both benign like thalassemias as well as malignant like lymphomas and leukemias based on the WHO classification, organized in a reader-friendly layout with tables and flowcharts for easy access and review. Her material is refreshed with the most recent WHO recommendations and highlights key exam subjects, making it a vital resource for exam preparation.

Dr. Neema Tiwari, in addition to her above mentioned book, she has authored another important work: “Manual of Hematology” (Ahuja Publishers, 2021) acts as a quick guide for malignant hematological lesions, aiding those in pathology, medicine, pediatrics, and hematology studies, and collaborated as chief editor and author in her most recent work  “Hematology Made Easy” (Questvision publication,2024), co-authored with Dr. Nidhish Kumar, Dr. Devyani Pendharkar, and Dr. Kangana Sengar,  which presents a simplified summary of benign and malignant hematology that serves as a valuable resource for students and professionals.

In addition to her written work, Dr. Neema Tiwari also participates in educational outreach by creating content on her YouTube channel, where she educates postgraduate residents about pathology. Having more than 2,500 followers, her channel serves as a valuable tool for students looking to enhance their knowledge in pathology.

Dr. Neema Tiwari’s distinguished career is highlighted by many awards and memberships in prestigious  organizations such as the European Hematology Association, Member College of American Pathologists, Member Indian Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, and the European Society of Pathology. She is also a Fellow in Molecular and Cytogenetic Pathology from Institut Català d’Oncologia in Barcelona, Spain, and is working towards a PhD in Pathology with a specialization in breast carcinomas.

She has made extensive research contributions, publishing over 40 articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Neema Tiwari has reviewed many journals and given papers at major conferences like International Association of Pathologists, Indian Cancer Congress, and CAP. Her paper presentation on topics like Myelodysplastic Syndrome a challenging hematological malignancy of mainly adults at the ISHBT-EHS Tutorial 2018 in India highlights her knowledge and dedication to bring about progress the field of pathology.

Dr. Neema Tiwari’s valuable contributions to pathology, both as an educator or writer, are priceless. Her books offer vital materials for both students and professionals, while her YouTube channel widens the availability of top-notch education in pathology. Continuing to make advancements in her research and teaching, Dr. Neema Tiwari remains a significant presence in the medical field. Her dedication and expertise are evident in her works, which can be found on international platforms such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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